Finance for non-finance

Finance for non-Accountants

Finance for non-finance training

  • Do you worry that you or your team/organisation don’t understand the financial implications of every day decisions they make?
  • Have you or our teams ever sat in budget meetings and not understood the conversation or been asked to put forward or present a business case to the senior team and don’t know where to start?
  • Would your organisation benefit from training that helps them make better commercial decisions for the business?
  • Finance for non-finance, blah, blah, blah – heard it all before? Or so you thought…

Financial awareness can be daunting. The word ‘finance’ strikes fear into many people. It presents a whole new language with lots of confusing jargon and it often feels that finance only get involved when there is a problem, such as an overspend or shortfall in revenue. This is not a good background against which to cultivate a positive relationship between finance and non-finance colleagues.

BPP can help by assisting those in non-financial roles to understand the jargon and the fundamental concepts of finance that are relevant for them. This will result in an enhanced understanding and ability to work with finance in a more collaborative and positive way and that drives better commercial behaviours.

Develop financial fluency skills with BPP

We refer to this as ‘financial fluency’ – the core ability to understand finance sufficiently and confidently enough to contribute effectively to an organisation’s success. Our training will help to develop the competence to interpret how and why key decisions are made from a financial perspective. This will lead to improving financial performance in each individual’s own sphere of influence.

If you would like more information on how BPP can assist you then please email or call our Client Care Team on 0330 060 3200.

Choose from our face to face programmes, or pre-recorded online courses or bespoke Corporate training - all designed to make a real difference to your day-to-day work.

Finance for non finance – essentials
Finance for non finance – advanced
Introduction to Accounting
Company accounts introduction
The City & Financial markets
Budgeting demystified
Better forecasting & budgeting
Forecasting, Planning & Budgeting Techniques - with Excel
Variance Analysis
Business Cases that convince

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