i3BAR – Integrated, Interactive & Intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics & Reporting


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Most people are self-taught in Excel or have only been trained in functions / specific techniques or narrow approaches.

While they can often produce models to solve problems - these are often overly complex / difficult to maintain and are rarely interactive and user friendly.

Because most people don’t follow a standard design / structure and models are undocumented it is very difficult for them to be handed over or supported and maintained long term.

How this is addressed

i3BAR - Certificate in Business Analytics & Reporting.

A best practice methodology for Excel applications development. This provides a standard approach using simple formulae and logical structuring of data, logic and reporting to produce reliable, robust and maintainable models.

These can also be highly interactive enabling users to carry out their own analysis directly, or enabling the model to be used to present and answer user queries in real time.

As part of the course participants learn how to go from a problem and raw data to building an interactive Excel based application. Although the course uses a financial reporting model to illustrate the principles, the principles have been successfully applied to many areas including HR, sales, marketing, procurement, engineering etc and to non-financial data such as written commentaries, performance metrics, engineering data etc.

i3BAR is now a standard methodology for design and development that is used worldwide and enables i3BAR certified professionals to pick up and understand models developed by others trained in the same method. This has led to it becoming a corporate standard in many organisations and a recognised and valued international qualification.

i3BAR provides the skill to build integrated Excel models that improves your speed, accuracy and interactivity in the reporting process.

So do you want to transform your regular analysis and reporting and reduce the time spent from days to minutes? This Integrated, Interactive & Intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics & Reporting (i3BAR) course is a revolutionary approach. Discover how to use simple spreadsheet functions to create interactive reports, dynamic charts and automated commentary. This course meets your unique business challenges at a fraction of the time taken compared to your standard practice and process. It enables you to present concise information to management quickly and with maximum data integrity.

Who Should Attend?

CFOs, financial controllers, accountants, finance managers and business managers who find generating management reports too time-consuming and rigid for analysis purposes. Good prior knowledge of Excel is assumed. In order to make optimal use of the course you must have been using Excel for at least two years.

What You Will Learn

Successfully apply i3BAR techniques at work to provide fresh perspectives on business challenges and opportunities. Transform the nature of your role by freeing up significant time from reporting for added value analysis and critical projects. I3BAR will enable you to:

  • integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel
  • build reliable and sustainable Excel-based reporting models
  • construct interactive models for decision making
  • create scenarios and what-if analysis for budgets
  • produce visually attractive and impactful reports.

This course is Excel-driven but is not about Excel functions. Rather it concerns the application and combination of those functions in the most creative manner to meet your needs in the work place.

Detailed Course Outline

This is a three-day intensive hands-on face-to-face certification course, plus an introductory Module 1 which will be covered as pre-course work via email, and ongoing post-course support. Delegates are required to bring their own laptop to this course.

Module 1 – Pre-course Work: Proficiency in Core Excel Functions

Covered via email, the skills taught in Module 1 will serve as great foundation for the upcoming modules, enabling participants to understand the use of core functions in the following clusters and their application in the right environment:

  • Referencing tools
  • Text functions
  • Lookup reference
  • Logical functions
  • Form controls

Module 2 – Day 1: Integrate Multiple Data Sources

  • Understand the key components of an integrated model
  • Input, logic and presentation blocks
  • Construct and design a database
  • Database design rules

Module 3 – Day 2: Build and Present Interactive Reports

  • Understand bad practices that lead to static reports
  • Discover the secrets of interactive reports illustrated in three case studies
  • Understand the principles of developing interactive charts that change at the click of a button
  • Incorporate interactive commentaries that auto-reflect changes made in data
  • Turn the integrated, interactive model into an easy to-navigate Board presentation

Module 4 – Day 3 - Budget Simulation and Intelligence

  • Common reasons for delay in budget completion
  • Design of input templates incorporating data validation and protection
  • Modelling business process to develop intelligent planning models for
    • Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet
    • Capital Expenditure Approval Model
  • Common reasons for difficulties in creating an Excel model for 'what-if' analysis
  • Develop a 'what-if' simulation model to aid good decision making

Additional Support

In addition to the three-day hands-on training, i3BAR reinforces success through a comprehensive learning support system:

  • active community of practice: i3BAR alumni can tap into the network for additional support in Excel modelling. You will also be invited to networking, sharing and learning sessions to continue your learning journey
  • post course project work: you can opt to submit project work after the course, to build interactive Excel models that solve your current business needs. You will receive guidance in applying the newly acquired i3BAR concepts into your project work which is to be submitted four weeks after the course
  • certification of competency: this is awarded to all participants who successfully submitted and assimilated the i3BAR concepts in building a working model. This internationally recognised certificate is valued by employers as it confirms the participant's ability to solve business reporting needs

    "Please note that no membership discounts or any other discounts are available with this program. Delegates are required to bring their own laptop to this course."

    Course Dates

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    London 22 - 24 Jul 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now
    London 11 - 13 Nov 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now

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