Creating Value through Margin Management


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  • Finance executives and finance professionals will discover opportunities to leverage profit through the sales cycle and tools to engage the management team in developing a profit margin based dialogue.
  • Strategy and performance professionals will gain insights into the information available within the organisation to evaluate how sales are performing beyond reported sales turnover and volume.
  • Managers and executives involved with sales, customer service or direct customer contact will find out how they can directly improve company profitability through focus on the right customer groups based on value.
  • Marketing executives will gain knowledge of how combined finance and market knowledge can better influence planning and budgeting for marketing and how working with financial information and customer teams can enable marketers to target attractive customer groups with the right messaging.
  • Operation and delivery managers will understand how their processes and activities directly influence margins and how technology and innovation in delivery and process can win or lose customers.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Discover how you can increase profit margins and grow your business, through a better understanding of the data which underlies your gross profit margins.
  • Find out how to use customer and market information effectively in order to improve profit margins.
  • Insights into how profit margins are affected by pricing strategies.
  • Techniques to improve profit margin performance through management information reporting.


This course demonstrates how to maximise profit by improving sales margins. Traditionally, the management of profits is focused on cost management and operational profit. However, considerable profit is achievable through managing sales margins. Simply by looking at sales margin calculations through a different lens, businesses can increase their sales values and therefore their profit revenues.

Session one of the course aims to challenge the standard reporting of margin management that currently occurs in all organisations. We take a deep dive into profit margin information as reported not only by product but also by market channels such as internet, phone and shop front. This margin information provides great value in identifying challenges and opportunities for profit growth but traditionally this is the limit of its use. In this session we learn about the tools and techniques that enable you to break through these limitations and identify where to focus and how to increase profit margin. We also look at the customer dimension of profit margin reporting. Leveraging and understanding what customers value, be it quality, value or something else, enables an effective dialogue with sales and marketing teams which will improve the sales process and generate relevant targets to improve overall profit margins.

In session two of the course we take a profit margin view of managing the cost base. We ask the questions:

  • What pushes up direct product cost and what business changes can be made to manage them more efficiently?
  • How efficient is your cost to serve?
  • Which customers are driving cost and driving down profit margins in your organisation?
Session three pulls together all the analysis and information from the earlier sessions into one sustainable reporting system. You discover the different systems available for reporting margin and pricing information, the benefits of the tools available and their differences. In a world of fast moving technologies, with new systems and tools constantly arriving in the marketplace, it is critical to focus on what your business needs are and ensure your reporting system meets them: it can be a game changer.

Session four demonstrates how we can build our knowledge by breaking the boundary between finance and sales and marketing. In this final session, which focuses on delivering increased profits through sales value, we discover the power of both brand value and pricing strategies to increase profits. The skills learned in this session will enable business managers and finance executives to have a fruitful dialogue with sales and marketing, with an influence on increasing sales value.

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Course Dates

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London 15 May 2019 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now
London 18 Nov 2019 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now

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