Financial Modelling - Introduction


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This one-day course is a prerequisite for the subsequent financial modelling courses, Financial Modelling - Comprehensive, Financial Modelling - Advanced (& Introduction to VBA) and Debt Modelling (with LBO). It covers all the basic excel required in order to start to build a financial model. There is little time to recap these excel basics on the subsequent courses, so it important that delegates who are at all concerned about their basic excel ability should attend this course first. Laptops (excel v.2013) are provided. Courses are limited to a maximum of twelve delegates, allowing each attendee to experience outstanding tutor support throughout the day. .

Please Note: Financial Modelling vs Data Analysis:

Financial Modelling typically involves building a financial forecasting model in order to answer a particular question, such as which project should we invest in, or what rate of return might we expect from a particular investment.

Data Analysis on the other hand involves analysing large amounts of data, often via summarisation, in order to make informed decisions based on the results.Please refer to our Data Analysis series if this is better suited to your needs.


During this course numerous practical, hands-on exercises are performed to illustrate all the basic excel features and functionality, from basic navigation through to more complex “lookup” functions. There is a mix of following the instructor on the screen, and exercises designed to help the delegates work the answer out for themselves.

Learning outcomes include obtaining a greater understanding of:

  • Excel shortcuts (use of the mouse is actively discouraged)
  • Basic navigation and selection
  • Toolbar and function access
  • Copying and linking
  • Financial modelling essentials: flexibility and dynamism
  • F4 dollarisation (absolute cell referencing)
  • Formatting and styles
  • Excel names
  • Logical statements: IF, AND, OR
  • Lookups:
    • Match
    • VLookup
    • HLookup
  • Switches and drop-down lists

"A CPD certificate of completion will be provided by BPP Professional Education Limited upon request, following attendance."

This course has an online live option available. Same expert presenters delivering the same content to your desk or mobile over multiple days in short 120 minute sessions. Watch our 5 minute explainer video to find out more.

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