Management Accountant to Finance Director - Module 3: Leadership & Management Skills


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You've made, or are just about to make, the crucial step from accountant to a senior finance professional such as financial controller or director. In order to succeed at this level you need strong interpersonal skills - technical skills alone will not be enough. This five day modular course is aimed at enhancing these important interpersonal skills to help deal with the new and challenging environment which you will soon be facing. It's carefully tailored to the needs of those aspiring to a senior finance role.

Who should attend?

These workshops are aimed at individuals recently appointed to, or aspiring to, senior positions such as financial controller or director where interpersonal and communication skills are expected from the board and other senior executives. They are applicable to both the private and public sector.

What will you gain?

The means to make a step-change in your personal performance.


You need to lead your team – small or large – in a function which is involved in every facet of the organisation and how it is run and controlled. There is invariably a need to motivate your team when it is faced with large increases in workload such as acquisitions, systems implementation and year end statutory reporting.

This workshop will help you:

  • appreciate the differences between management and leadership
  • understand where leadership fits into today’s organisations
  • recognise and apply different leadership styles
  • coach and develop team members
  • explore the art of motivation
  • meet the challenge of delegation – when to and how to
  • realise what stops you from delegating and learn effective solutions
  • get the appropriate level and balance of supervision for each individual
  • action planning and self evaluation

"A CPD certificate of completion will be provided by BPP Professional Education Limited upon request, following attendance."

Course Dates

Location Dates Time Availability  
Leeds 05 Jul 2018 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now
London 22 Oct 2018 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM  Spaces Book Now

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