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This two day course will be of benefit to traders, managers, middle office, compliance and other support staff involved with the trading of option-type derivatives.

Course content

This course is designed to follow on from the one day Options - Introduction course. It therefore assumes a good understanding of options and delegates will use Excel™-based models to review volatility, develop a good understanding of option pricing as well as exploring the possibilities of various trading and hedging strategies.

Learning outcomes include obtaining a greater understanding of:

  • Introduction to Options Markets
    • Option and market terminology
    • OTC option market contract specifications and practices
    • Pay-out diagrams at maturity and during the life of the option
    • Option premium calculations and the concepts of time and intrinsic value
  • Volatility & Put/Call Parity
    • Historical volatility
    • Implied volatility
    • Observed volatility – what actually happened
  • Introduction to Options Pricing
    • Pricing an option is a two-part process.
    • What drives an option price in the secondary market?
  • Option Greeks
    • Calculating and explaining the “Greeks”.
    • How an option price moves for changes in:
      • Spot prices – delta and gamma
      • Time – theta
      • Volatility - vega
      • Interest rates – phi and rho
  • Hedging Strategies
    • Know your customer - before advising a customer it is necessary to know their market expectations and risk tolerance
    • Defining market expectations for:
      • Stock prices/volatility/interest rates
    • Defining customer
      • Risk tolerances/reward expectations
    • Constructing hedging strategies for individual equity positions including
      • Buying puts/Writing calls/Buying collars/Buying participating collars
  • Delta Hedging and Trading an Option Book
    • Trading market direction using Bull and Bear Spreads.
    • Trading expected increases in volatility using straddles.
    • Creating forward positions in volatility using calendar spreads
    • Using positive gamma in an option book.
    • Using risk reversals to change the properties of an option portfolio
  • Barrier Options
    • What are Barrier Options
    • How are Barrier Options priced
    • Barrier parity
    • Types of Barrier Options
    • Pricing regular barriers
  • Binary Options
    • What are Binary Options
    • How are Binary Options priced
    • American versus European Binaries
    • Using binaries to produce: No use – no pay Options/Options with rebates
  • Hedging Strategies
    • Forward Extra
    • Forward Plus
    • Contingent Risk Reversal
    • Forward Reset
    • Maturity Off-set KI/KO

"A CPD certificate of completion will be provided by BPP Professional Education Limited upon request, following attendance."

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